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Promoting literacy and dedicated
to the publishing needs of people
affected by incarceration.

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We recognize not only those who have been affected by incarceration but also those who have been victims of crime.  TOKY Publishing International has set aside 10% of all author royalties for donation to qualifying victim assistance programs.

TOKY Publishing International
proudly presents:
Author Gene Grant
and his first full length novel
Taken Out Of Love

 Available  Now 
in paperback and Kindle through Amazon Prime. Also available through Kindle Direct.



 This courtroom drama unfolds as Dr. Richard Colton, a genius MD, stands trial for the kidnapping and murder of Marco Rizzoli, the five-year-old son of a Chicago mob boss. Before the trial is fully underway, it becomes evident the legal proceedings are much more than just a criminal trial. They are an avenue for the government to gain access to the untouchables of the Dragon Society, a child trafficking organization which span international borders. The reader is taken around the world with Dr. Colton and his family. He uses his medical expertise and sheer wits to outsmart and outmaneuver the underworld and authorities, rescuing abused children and secreting them in safe loving homes.


     This book may be difficult for some to read as the author candidly deals with the harsh reality of child abuse and trafficking of children. While entirely fictional, this story highlights the hurts and heartaches of endangered children and their desperate hope for rescue. This hope for rescue could not be more poignantly expressed than it is through the unexpected, yet heartwarming, twist at the end.

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