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Taken Out Of Love

       by Gene Grant

This mystery novel by Gene Grant unfolds in a courtroom drama as a genius MD stands trial for kidnapping and murder as a result of his attempts to rescue at risk children. Full of mystery, intrigue, and unexpected turns with a twist at the end, this one will keep you reading. 

Measure 11 Book Cover.png


       by James Carter Elliott


This spell binding fictional novel is rooted in the tragedy of a true life drama.  Thinly veiled and politically incorrect, this work cuts across the grain of popular culture and media hype to take a candid look at the other side of Oregon's Ballet Measure 11.


The author's personal experiences bring his writing to life giving the reader a tangible connection to an untold story of the victims and families left in the wake of Oregon Ballet Measure 11, and exposing the money and political powers which continue to drive it forward. 

Song For The Holy Christnight.jpg

Song For The Holy Christmasnight

       by David Gilmore

This beautiful arrangement for solo piano was written to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Franz Gruiber's  "Silent Night".


Written for for the Advanced/Intermediate pianist, this original composition of a Christmas favorite will be at home in any Christmas or holiday setting.


Tell Me The Story Of Jesus Cover.png

While serving time the author of this book discovered how many people had never heard the truths about Jesus. The title based on the gospel hymn "Tell Me The Story Of Jesus" the author takes passages from each of the four New Testament gospels and interweaves them into a roughly chronological story like telling of the life of Jesus Christ.

Using only the scriptures and unable to obtain copyright permission from a publisher of an existing translation of the Bible, the author has written his own easy to read uniquely paraphrased harmony of the gospels. 

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