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Publishing and Submission Policy

Our Publishing and Submission policies are
currently under review.

The information provided below is intended to provide general information about TOKY Publishing International LLC's Publishing and Submission Policies. It is not to be considered complete or legally binding.

It is the general policy of TOKY Publishing International LLC to:

  • Publish legitimate original works of literature, music, and art by people who are incarcerated, have been incarcerated, or have been affected by someone who has been incarcerated.

  • Provide a publishing platform.  TPI will do everything possible to effectively and profitably promote and market all works it publishes. However, it must be recognized our goal is not entirely profit oriented. We aspire to providing a publishing platform to give a voice to works deemed to have literary or artistic value which might otherwise remain unpublished. As result, some works having a limited market or appeal may not be financially profitable for either TPI or the author/creator.

  • All works published are at the sole discretion of TOKY Publishing International LLC. TPI reserves the right of refusal to publish any work without notice of cause. 

  • Works submitted by incarcerated persons must comply with all institution rules and regulations.

  • 10% of all author/creator royalties will go to qualified victim's assistance programs.  

  • By mutual contract between TPI and the author/creator, all works and copyrights become the sole property of TOKY Publishing International.

  • TPI will not publish any work which benefits or profits the author/creator from a crime or criminal action.

  • TPI will not publish any work which it knowingly could potentially affect a victim or a victim's rights.

  • TPI will not publish any work which it considers to be inflammatory in nature based on content related to race, color, religion, or sexual orientation.

  • TPI will not publish any work which has copyrighted or trade marked characters or images. Examples include, but are not limited to works such as: 
         - Star Wars / Star Trek
         - Disney
         - Warner Bros / Looney Tune
         -  Hanna-Barbera


  • We at TPI understand that receiving payment or compensation for work done while incarcerated can be complex and difficult as each institution has its own rules and regulations. In an effort to accommodate as many of these situations as possible, TPI is currently working on a variety of creative options for payment of royalties for those who remain incarcerated. Watch here for updates.

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